Packaging Awards for Environmental Sustainability


At Davines, the Packaging Research Paper guides packaging design according to a few simple rules: material reduction, use of recycled materials, simplification of packaging system and optimization of logistics.

This commitment and the related projects were enhanced by the participation in annual national contests: “Bando di Prevenzione CONAI” and “Oscar dell’Imballaggio” supported by Italian Institute of Packaging.

In 2015, Davines was nominated among the winners of Conai Contest for the 40% weight reduction of 5 Essential Haircare liter containers. This action also positively impacted logistics.

A similar result won the Oscar Contest in 2016 for the 1 liter bottle of Activator, with the transition from a bottle of 75 grams to a bottle of 56 grams.

Since 2017, Davines started to use 100% post-consumer recycled PET in dark colored bottles. Thanks to this change, the Naturaltech line won Bando CONAI for the 250 ml shampoo bottles.

The next year, the shift to 100% recycled PET also included the Alchemic line, which won the Bando CONAI award in 2018. The Alchemic and OI lines have also been awarded for logistic optimization due to size reduction, and consequently weight reduction, of the tertiary packaging.